Paramount understands the unique needs of the financial industry and has created a variety of programs designed to meet the special needs of our bank and credit union customers. Rather than present a generic offering, we first meet with our customers to fully understand their unique requirements, and then customize a program which provides a solution to those unique needs. From complete outsourcing of ATM programs to providing specific products and services, our team of industry specialists will customize a program unique to your own institution.

From simple branding programs, to customized user experience programs and digital media solutions, to complete outsourcing programs, Paramount is your partner every step of the way on the journey of solving your ATM requirements. We strive to increase your market presence while reducing your operating costs.


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The perfect ad for perfect person at the perfect time.

Our digital media solution utilizes facial recognition software to ensure that your message reaches your audience. The software ‘reads’ the viewer’s gender, age, and other demographic information and considers the location, time, and weather, before choosing which ad to display on the video topper. 

The system also allows you to:

  • Capture a range of audience metrics, including age, gender, dwell times, time of day, day of week, and other parameters to fine-tune your message in real-time based on active viewership.
  • Distribute marketing messages simultaneously across an entire network, or target specific regions, zip codes, and individual locations.
  • Present coupons based on customer profile
  • Provide customers instant offers, as well as reward frequent shoppers with loyalty programs
  • Participate in ad revenue from external advertisers as well as promote their own products and services to their customers.

Cause marketing

Cause marketing is used to market a for-profit product or business which benefits a nonprofit charity or supports a social cause in some way. Consumers today want to support businesses that “do good” and serve their communities.

Paramount has partnered with Digital Donations™ to develop fundraising and marketing solutions which connect cause with commerce, allowing consumers to make donations at ATMs to a variety of causes.

  • Donations are made directly, and voluntarily, by the cardholder at the ATM. No fee is associated with the donation transaction.
  • Cardholders can either conduct a stand-alone transaction or donate in conjunction with cash withdrawals.
  • Cardholder is issued a receipt which can be used for income tax deduction.
  • Digital Donations help increase store traffic and creates good will with employees and customers.


Branding allows financial institutions to place their brand on our ATMs –giving their cardholders surcharge free access without having to invest capital in equipment or mandatory upgrades as a result of regulations or ongoing operating expenses.

Benefits of branding solutions: 

  • No investment in hardware or ongoing operating costs
  • No capital costs required to expand network coverage of ATMs
  • No investment required to seek locations where to place ATMs
  • Guaranteed SLA performance



How branding works:


  • Paramount establishes a relationship with ATM location and absorbs all the costs associated with installing and operating ATM.
  • Financial institution selects locations to brand from our existing or new inventory.
  • Financial institution designs the “look and feel” of the ATM, including wrapping concept, screens, and receipts.
  • Financial institution pays a fixed monthly fee per ATM, regardless of transaction volume.
  • Financial institution customers do not pay a surcharge for using ATM.
  • Paramount guarantees performance of ATM thru a Service Level Agreement (SLA).