Paramount’s digital media solution delivers targeted marketing messages utilizing integrated support for identifying customer demographics—including gender, age group, time of day, day of week, weather, location, and many other triggers which are designed to deliver customized campaigns to your customers based on their profile, while providing real-time monitoring and powerful analytics. Our facial detection system allows for targeting messages to specific customers, including gender, age, and other customer demographic information, as well as taking into consideration the location, day of week, time of day, weather, etc.

The system allows you to:

  • Engage the consumer with the targeted message at the right time, in the right place
  • Present coupons based on customer profile
  • Provide a platform that enriches and influences a customer’s out-of-home retail experience
  • Distribute marketing messages simultaneously across an entire network or targeted to specific regions, zip codes, or individual locations
  • Capture a range of audience metrics—including age, gender, dwell times, time of day, day of week, and other parameters based on active viewership to fine-tune your message in real-time, all captured using our integrated camera, motion sensors, and beacons
  • Provide customers with instant offers, as well as reward frequent shoppers with loyalty programs
  • Participate as a retail customer in ad revenue from external advertisers, as well as promote their own products and services to their customers.

A comprehensive set of analytics provides reports on impressions, dwell time, visitor concentration, viewer age/gender, and other data to consistently monitor the effectiveness of a campaign in real time.

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Cause marketing

Cause marketing is used to market a for-profit product or business which benefits a nonprofit charity or supports a social cause in some way. Consumers today want to support businesses that “do good” and serve their communities. Paramount has partnered with Digital Donations™ to develop fundraising and marketing solutions which connect cause with commerce, allowing consumers to make donations at ATMs to a variety of causes.
  • Donations are made directly, and voluntarily, by the cardholder at the ATM. No fee is associated with the donation transaction.
  • Cardholders can either conduct a stand-alone transaction or donate in conjunction with cash withdrawals.
  • Cardholder is issued a receipt which can be used for income tax deduction.
  • Digital Donations help increase store traffic and creates good will with employees and customers.

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