Paramount Management Group, Actors FCU Partner to Roll Out Digital Media Solutions Throughout Locations in New York City

Following a successful pilot program of Paramount’s digital media solutions at selected Actors Federal Credit Union ATMs, Paramount Management Group has entered into a long-term agreement with the credit union to roll out the digital media solution at approximately 250 ATMs located at off-premise locations throughout all five Burroughs of New York City.

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Paramount Management Group Partners with GivePay to Expand ATM Functionally

Paramount is proud to announce they have partnered with GivePay Commerce to bring kiosk-like functionality to their fleet of thousands of retail ATMs in the U.S. Paramount ATMs that are GivePay enabled will allow consumers to instantly purchase and send digital gift cards as well as choose from a wide selection of pre-paid refill options with real-time payments applied directly to the customer’s mobile account.

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