LANCASTER, PA, Nov. 19, 2018Paramount Management Group announced today that it has entered into a long-term agreement with Actors Federal Credit Union to deploy Paramount’s digital media solutions at approximately 250 ATMs located at Actors Federal Credit Union (Actors FCU) off-premise locations throughout all five Burroughs of New York City.

Following a successful pilot program of Paramount’s digital media solutions at selected Actors FCU ATMs, Paramount will be adding this functionality at all the credit union’s off-premise ATMs over the next few weeks.

Paramount’s digital media solution, which runs independent of the ATM and is not limited to consumers using the ATM, consists of a stand-alone video topper that is installed on top of the terminal. The digital topper has a built-in camera that is connected to proprietary software which allows the system to capture data regarding the profile of customers, but without recording the person’s image or any other personal information, including gender, age and other demographic information such as store traffic by day of week, time of day, weather and other parameters.

The system then runs advertisements, which are displayed based on a variety of parameters requested by the advertiser such as gender and approximate age, hour of day, day of week, weather and numerous other criteria. It provides the advertiser with valuable insight into how well the ad is performing by capturing and providing instant results such as how many people saw the ad and how long the person viewed the ad. The system then presents offers based on the profile of the person viewing the ad.

“We have been testing this exciting new technology with Paramount for the last few months and are very pleased with the results,” Nathan Enzminger, Director of ATM services at Actors FCU, said. “The technology has proven to be very reliable and it has been well received by our customers. We look forward to expanding this unique offering throughout our market.”

“Paramount is committed to continue being a leader in providing customer engagement solutions to our partners and their customers,” commented Jorge Fernandez, Paramount’s Chief Development and Marketing Officer. “We believe our digital marketing solution represents the next generation in consumer engagement and provides our retail customers with valuable tools to identify their customers through our extensive analytics reports.”

Fernandez adds, “while advertising at the ATM is not a new concept, our unique approach of directly engaging each customer based on their demographic profile represents a revolutionary leap in how advertisers target consumers with their advertising messages.”

About Actors Federal Credit Union — Based in New York City, Actors Federal Credit Union is a cooperatively run, not-for-profit financial institution. Chartered in 1962, the credit union serves members of the Actors’ Equity Association, SAG-AFTRA, and 150+ other groups in the entertainment industry.  Visit to learn more.

About Paramount Management Group, LLC — Paramount is a national leader in implementing solutions that incorporate technology through which consumers, retailers and financial institutions interact with each other. Paramount’s innovative technologies and services include the placement and operation of ATMs, providing targeted marketing messages to consumers through interactive media and operating multi-function financial kiosks that handle a variety of consumer payments. Paramount also helps financial institutions increase their presence through branding solutions while helping them reduce costs through ATM Complete outsourcing solutions.

Paramount partners with the leaders in each of the industries we serve to ensure that we bring the latest technologies and solutions to help our customers run their business more efficiently and increase profits.

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Jorge Fernandez
Chief Development and Marketing Officer

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