3 Predictions for the ATM Industry in 2024

Maya Fuentes, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

The ATM industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers. As we move into 2024, several key trends are expected to shape the future of ATMs. Here are three predictions for where the ATM industry is headed next year.


In the realm of cryptocurrency, uncertainty has been a constant companion. However, the recent fluctuations in banking and the economy, coupled with a doubling in the price of Bitcoin in 2023, have sparked a revival in the crypto sector. This resurgence is anticipated to gain momentum through 2024, elevating the demand for convenient access to digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin.

In response to this burgeoning demand, we can expect a gradual increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs next year. These ATMs offer users the flexibility to buy cryptocurrency using cash or convert their crypto holdings into cash. The rise of standalone kiosks signifies a renewed interest in diversification opportunities, while the integration of crypto functionalities into traditional ATMs is enhancing Bitcoin’s feasibility for operators across various scales. 

Adopting either standalone kiosks or software enhancements to existing ATMs, ATM deployers can cater to the growing consumer appetite for digital currency access. This move not only meets customer needs but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation through transaction fees.

The ATM industry must continuously adapt to changing consumer preferences around digital banking and cash access. ATM providers that get ahead of these trends better position themselves for long term success.


Many financial institutions are shifting their focus to building fintech-style digital experiences. As a result, they are becoming less willing to keep investing resources in maintaining extensive ATM fleets.

Industry analysts predict outsourcing of ATM and ITM management will accelerate in 2024 as financial institutions look to shed the operational burden. Partnering with experienced ATM providers allows banks and credit unions to continue meeting customer needs for self-service cash access while reallocating capital to digital transformation initiatives.

Outsourcing can also provide access to advanced ATM solutions like enhanced security features, video banking, and expanded transactions. Financial institutions will leverage outsourcing partners to upgrade their ATM fleets without large capital investments.


In 2024, we expect the consumer tolerance for ATM surcharge fees to continue its downward trend. Account holders will increasingly demand convenient surcharge-free ATM access or surcharge rebating from their financial institutions.

To meet these demands and stay competitive, more banks and credit unions will expand surcharge-free ATM networks. This provides customers with more no-cost access points for cash withdrawals and other transactions.

The shift to surcharge-free ATMs has implications across the industry. ATM operators may need to explore new revenue streams as surcharge income declines. However, partnering with surcharge-free networks can help ATM operators keep at least a portion of their revenues while potentially boosting transaction numbers from surcharge-free customers.

Overall, eliminating fees improves the account holder experience and builds customer loyalty. The no-surcharge model may become a necessity amidst fierce competition for digital-savvy consumers.


The ATM industry must continuously adapt to changing consumer preferences around digital banking and cash access. These 2024 predictions reflect some of the most impactful ways ATM providers can ready themselves to meet customer demands in an increasingly competitive landscape. Companies that get ahead of these trends will position themselves better for future success.

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