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Case Study: Premier Source Credit Union Finds a Winning ATM Partner in Sharenet

In this FREE case study, you’ll learn how Sharenet, a part of the Paramount family of companies, was able to help Massachusetts-based Premier Source Credit Union serve local employees with an ATM in the workplace.

Free White Paper: The ‘Not So Secret’ to Your Windows 10 Woes

Windows 10 is the latest in a long line of migration, upgrade and security challenges faced by financial institutions. Despite the hassle, the ATM is still a leading touch point for bank and credit union cardholders. In this white paper, you’ll learn the “Not So Secret” to keeping up with compliance – ATM outsourcing. You’ll also learn how partnering with an ATM operator can relieve the burden of owning and operating ATMs.

How ATM Outsourcing Can Eliminate a Financial Institution’s Regulatory Burden

Banks and credit unions have been outsourcing various elements of their ATM operations for years. But piecemealing out various tasks is not cost efficient and the institution is still responsible for compliance. There is a better way to manage the ATM channel. An ATM outsource provider, one that specializes in financial institution machines, becomes a bank or credit union’s partner and takes an all-encompassing approach to ATM management ‒ reducing costs, freeing up staff time and most importantly reducing or eliminating the regulatory burden.


Paramount Acquires EZ Payments, Inc.

Paramount Management Group has acquired certain assets of EZ Payments, Inc., one of the largest deployers in Puerto Rico. With this acquisition, Paramount will now be able to offer additional added value services to retailers, and branding and surcharge-free ATM options to financial institutions on the island.

Free White Paper: ATM Outsourcing vs. Traditional Managed Services

ATM Outsourcing vs. Managed Services. The two terms get thrown around a lot these days and, therefore, it is understandable that banks and credit unions are confused about what exactly ATM Outsourcing is or how it differs from Managed Services. In this FREE white paper from Paramount subsidary Sharenet, you’ll learn the difference and why ATM Outsourcing is a much more robust service.

Premier Source Credit Union Partners with Paramount Subsidary Sharenet to Offer Cash@Work at 2 Massachusetts Companies

Paramount Subsidary Sharenet partners with Premier Source Credit Union to offer reliable account access at two local Massachusetts employers.

Free White Paper: The Benefits of ATM Outsourcing

Running ATMs is all about proper management. Some financial institutions work to run a 100% in-house network. Others juggle a group of vendors. A growing number are turning to professional ATM deployers, that specialize in outsourcing, to manage their ATMs. But why? Find out more in this FREE white paper.

Paramount Acquires Puerto Rico-Based One Consulting Group, Corp.

With the addition of One Consulting Group and last year’s acquisition of Sharenet, which includes retail and financial institution accounts, Paramount now operates the largest network of independent ATMs throughout Puerto Rico.

Paramount Subsiderary Sharenet Announces Cash@Work ATM Program for Financial Institutions

Sharenet has introduced Cash@Work, an ATM program designed to place bank and credit union brands in the most convenient place possible for account holders – the break room at work.

Paramount Acquires New Jersey-Based CAI ATMs

Paramount Management Group has acquired CAI ATMs. Based in Eatontown, NJ, CAI owns and operates a network of thousands of ATMs throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and other parts of the country. Founder Steve Rindner will stay on-board to manage the integration of the company and continue to grow CAI with the new solutions available to Paramount customers.

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