A Better End-to-End ATM Experience

Paramount delivers solutions to retailers and financial institutions designed to meet the fast-evolving needs of consumers, whether its convenient access to cash, delivering targeted marketing campaigns thru digital media, or managing an ATM portfolio, we are ready with a comprehensive suite of products and services customized to meet the individual business requirements of each customer.



Retail Businesses

Paramount offers retailers a comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions, including ATM programs designed to meet the individual needs of each customer, from complete turnkey programs, to simple processing programs, and everything in-between.


We will oversee the installation of your entire fleet of ATMs, whether you have one or thousands.


Our team works 24/7 to keep your ATMs running and full of cash.


We will make your ATM work for you, by optimizing its location, branding, and advertising.

Consumer Banks and Credit Unions

Paramount offers a variety of products and services specifically designed to help financial institutions maximize their customer reach while reducing operating costs—including complete ATM outsourcing programs, branding, and digital media solutions.

ATM Outsourcing

Running ATMs is all about proper management. Some financial institutions (FIs) work to run a 100 percent in-house network. Others juggle a group of vendors to maintain the service their cardholders expect. But a growing number of FIs are turning to professional ATM deployers, that specialize in outsourcing, to manage their ATM operations. But why?

Benefits of ATM Outsourcing:

  • Reduced regulatory burden & increased security
  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Improved ATM performance & functionality
  • Consolidating of tasks & freeing up employee time
  • Freeing up capital


Branding allows financial institutions to place their brand on our ATMs –giving their cardholders surcharge free access without having to invest capital in equipment or mandatory upgrades as a result of regulations or ongoing operating expenses.

Benefits of Branding Solutions:

  • No investment in hardware or ongoing operating costs
  • No capital costs required to expand network coverage of ATMs
  • No investment required to seek locations where to place ATMs

How Branding Works:

  • Paramount establishes a relationship with ATM location and absorbs all the costs associated with installing and operating ATM.
  • Financial institution selects locations to brand from our existing or new inventory.
  • Financial institution designs the “look and feel” of the ATM, including wrapping concept, screens, and receipts.
  • Financial institution customers do not pay a surcharge for using ATM.